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Quantitative research methods

Offer semester
2nd semester

Lecture time
Thursday 10.30pm – 12.20pm

Lecture venue

Course description

This course introduces students to basic concepts and techniques in conducting quantitative research such as surveys and experiments. Students will be coached to formulate sociological hypotheses, develop proposals, collect data or use existing data sets for analyses. Students will learn different kinds of variables, their possible relations, and the issues of validity and reliability. No previous statistical skills are required.

Course learning outcomes

1. Formulate research questions and select appropriate research methods to answer them.
2. Critically evaluate the assumptions, strengths and weaknesses of different forms of quantitative
3. Design, conduct and present research projects using primary and secondary data.
4. Review and evaluate findings from local and global surveys.
5. Apply ethical principles and a variety of quantitative research methods in conducting research.


Tutorial / workshop participation10%
Individual research45%
Research proposal presentation10%
Research proposal35%

Course co-ordinator and teachers

  • Robert T Y Chung

    Director of Public Opinion Programme