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Selected topics in social and cultural anthropology – Population and Society

Offer semester
1st semester

Lecture time
Monday 14:30 – 17:20

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Course description

The study of population is an often underappreciated yet critically important area of investigation into human society.  Information about population characteristics makes us aware of the general nature of a community.  Understanding population dynamics helps us understand long-term changes in the society.  This course provides an introductory overview of the field of population studies and cover main topics in the field.

Sept 7: Introduction

Chapter 1

Sept 14: Demographic Perspectives

Chapter 3

Sept 21: Health and Mortality

Chapter 4

Sept 28: Fertility

Chapter 5

Oct 5: Migration

Chapter 6

Oct 19: Test 1

Nov 2: Urbanization

Chapter 7

Nov 9: Age Transition and Life Course

Chapter 8

Nov 16: Family Demography and Life Chances

Chapter 9

Nov 23: Population, the Environment, and Global Sustainability

Nov 30: Test 2


Test 140%
Tutorial Exercise 110%
Tutorial Exercise 210%
Test 240%

Required reading

Population (12th Edition), John R. Weeks (ISBN-13: 9781305094505 | ISBN-10: 1305094506)

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