Drug control in comparative perspective

This course is not offered for study in the current academic year.

Course description

Akin to crime, drugs has never been totally eliminated in our society. Should we live with drugs? Should we control drugs? Then how can we control? Different societies have different views, reflecting interesting and conflicting presumptions: punishment Vs treatment. Overly simple and one-dimensional definitions of drug is likely to produce an overly simple and one-dimensional understanding of how the problem could be and should be resolved.

This course will examine the different perspectives in looking at the issue of drug and let you form your own view as to how we should, and could deal with it in our rapidly changing society. With lectures, through sharing of stakeholders, observational visits, tutorials, etc. we will try to tease out your premises and let us confront what we know, what we believe, what we treasure.

This course is delivered in a 3 hour lecture format (with breaks).

Course learning outcomes

  1. Describe and analyze what is drugs and its impact on the society.
  2. Outline policy and practice of drug control strategies in local and international dimensions.
  3. Analyze key issues in drug control policies.


Individual essay of 2,000 (+ 200) words30%
Group Presentation: 20-min30%
Tutorial /seminar participation10%
Written examination30%

Required reading

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Recommended reading

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Video clip (Conference summary 2015)

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