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Sexuality, culture and identity

Offer semester
2nd semester

Lecture time
Thursday 4:30pm – 6:20pm

Lecture venue

Course description

This course introduces students to how human sexuality is formed by social, economic, political and cultural factors. Course readings will address different understandings of sexuality in various cultures with specific focus on Asian societies. We will study closely how new forms of intimacy question our usual ways of understanding romantic relationships and erotic desires.

We will also look at the intersectionality of social factors that affect how we have come to understand sexualities. These social factors include gender, class, race, ethnicity and health status. Students will be introduced to readings that cover feminism, gay and lesbian studies, queer theory, trans studies, film and visual culture and contemporary sociological theories on the body.

Key topics include ageing bodies, LGBTQI sexualities, transgenderism, heterosexuality, religion, sex work, sexual rights movement and social media. Students are expected to develop respect for diversity and to gain further understanding of human rights in particular to sexuality issues.

Course learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • To gain a basic understanding of gender and human sexuality.
  • To examine sexual identities and sexualities in different Asian cultures.
  • To understand the intersectionality of social factors embedded in human sexuality.
  • To develop critical thinking and apply theories on understanding sexuality.
  • To apply presentation skills and to develop writing competence for group projects and essays.


Lecture attendance10%
Tutorial participation and presentation20%
Two (600 words) Reflective Essays 30%

Course co-ordinator and teachers