Social and cultural studies internship

This course is not offered for study in the current academic year.

Course description

This 12-credit internship project is designed to offer Media and Cultural Studies majors the chance to integrate their academic training with hands-on work experience.

This internship is characterized by close connections among students, the academic tutor, and a wide range of community partners (CPs). The CPs work nature and content is highly relevant to MCS and are committed to offer meaningful work conductive to students understanding of the arts and culture world. In return, the student is expected to be open and dutiful.

Each student will be placed one of the community partners. They are expected to work part-time for about 280 hours during term-time, normally two half days or one full day per week. In some situations, students will work full-time for a concentrated period, for example, three or four weeks during the winter break, and one week in the reading week, plus other hours to make up the total. The actual schedule of work will be discussed and agreed upon by the students (interns) and the community partner concerned before the internship starts. Students are expected to integrate their classroom learning with their placement experience in order to develop a better understanding of issues in media and culture. At the end of the course, students are expected to be better equipped, both in knowledge and in skills, for working in the media and culture industries.

Community partners


You must be a second or third year Media and Cultural Studies major to take this course.


The majority of students complete their internship in full-time mode during the summer semester. It is also possible to complete the internship in part-time mode during the first and second semester.


This is a special course, which requires separate application to join. Please download and complete the application form and submit to by 5 March 2018.

Course materials


Overall program participation40%
Reflective journals20%
Oral presentation of project findings10%
Project report30%

Course co-ordinator and teachers