Lecture: In pursuit of a global public sociology – A 50-year odyssey

By Professor Michael Burawoy, University of California

Mon 4 Dec 2017
3:00pm - 5:00pm


CPD-2.58, 2/F, Centennial Campus, HKU

In pursuit of public sociology: A 50 year odyssey

50th Anniversary of HKU Sociology – Distinguished Public Lecture

Speaker: Prof. Michael Burawoy (University of California, Berkeley)
Moderator: Prof. Pun Ngai (HKU Sociology)

Michael Burawoy is a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, former President of the American Sociological Association and the International Sociological Association (ISA). Beginning in 1967, Professor Michael Burawoy has taken up research in India, Zambia, United States, Hungary and Russia. He will describe his fraught path through sociology – policy, public, critical and professional – reflecting on the transformation of sociology and the world during this half-century.

This event is part of our celebrations of 50 years of HKU Sociology.


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Online video

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