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Exhibition: Ha Tsuen cultural tourist maps

Sat 29 Apr 2017 - Sun 11 Jun 2017


Tang Ancestral Hall, Ha Tsuen

In this semester, students of the Tourism, Culture and Society course work on projects that examine the role of cultural tourism to heritage preservation and urban development at Ha Tsuen.

Students designed tourist maps of a cultural tour at Ha Tsuen. The tourist maps will be exhibited at Tang Ancestral Hall to disseminate the knowledge to the general public.

Guided tour

A free guided cultural tour, taking place on 29 April 2017, will accompany this exhibition.

About the project

Supported by Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre, students are given chances to join heritage tours, attend professional training workshops on local tour operation, tour design and organising heritage tours on their own. Rotary Club Hong Kong Sunrise volunteers as a Community Partner to arrange with local residents of Ha Tsuen while Hulu Culture, Roundtable Community and Walk In Hong Kong support as Community Stakeholders.

Students would consolidate their learning through engaging in the current debates over cultural tourism, evaluating the impact of local tour at Ha Tsuen, and reflecting on personal experience as a tourist and a tour organiser.


Gary Wong

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