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Exhibition: Sociology mini-capstone fair 2017

Wed 26 Apr 2017
12:00 pm – 5 pm


Upper University Street (outside The Jockey Club Tower), Centennial Campus, HKU

Group photo of students and teachers at Sociology Capstone Fair 2016

We are proud to present an amazing collection of capstone projects created by our undergraduate students.

Prepare to have your understanding of both society and social science challenged through our students’ creative presentations of their research findings, punctuated by performance, games, interactive displays and film screening.

This year’s projects cover a wide range of themes, including:

  • Youth, gender, masculinity and identity
  • Social media and popular culture
  • Lifestyle and consumption
  • Medical decision making

About capstone

The sociology capstone experience is integrative, socially relevant, creative and publicly engaging. Our students build upon the knowledge and skills students have acquired throughout their undergraduate studies, these projects take learning out of the classroom and into the larger world. By bringing theory to life, the work presented here not only demonstrates a culminating academic and intellectual journey, but also an opportunity for students to connect and integrate a range of learning experiences in a fun and creative way.

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