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Looking back on two years of capstone

We’re celebrating two years of our innovative sociology capstone experience, an exciting new course which is taken by all of our final year undergraduate major students. In preparation for our forthcoming summer exhibition, we have been reviewing the many incredible display banners produced by our students.

These banners, which were originally created for the sociology capstone fair, give students a valuable opportunity to present their capstone projects as a ‘work-in-progress’ to their colleagues, teaching staff and the general public. Students often create film, games and other interactive activities to accompany these banners in order to find ways to communicate their research goals and findings.

Student banners on display at the sociology capstone fair

Student banners on display at the sociology capstone fair

The feedback students receive from capstone fair visitors on their display is used by students to further strengthen their research projects, raising awareness amongst our students of how social research is often iterative in nature, requiring constant reflection and improvement.

We’re delighted to share a selection of these banners below, and to invite you to review the projects in more detail, and to find out more about our sociology capstone experience at our forthcoming exhibition.

Student-produced display banners