Announcing our fall 2017 seminar series

We have launched three series of seminars in the Fall 2017. They include a Sociological Forum for speakers from other academic institutions to present their works, a Departmental Colloquium for colleagues to share their ongoing research, and a RPG Seminar for RPG students to share their work-in-progress.

All the talks (unless otherwise noted) are held between 1:00 – 2:15 pm on Tuesdays in Room 929, 9/F, Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus. Sandwiches will be provided for participants. Please come to join these exciting events!

Sociological forum

3 October 2017 (Tuesday)
The crisis of global economy and China: Four different perspectives
Minqi Li (University of Utah)

4 October 2017 (Wednesday)
Building a comprehensive database for social science and evidence-based policy research: Hong Kong and Shanghai
Wu Xiaogang (UST)

10 October 2017 (Tuesday)
How experience before migration shapes the civic participation of migrants: A Canadian case
Eric Fong (CUHK)

31 October 2017 (Tuesday)
Global recession, China dream and new workers: The political economy of labour relations in China
Chan King Chi (CityU)

6 November 2017 (Monday)
Democratic culture and civil society in China
Anthony Spires (CUHK)

14 November 2017 (Tuesday)
State legitimation and popular political participation in the early modern era: England (1560-1640), Japan (1660-1868), and China (1720-1840)
He Wenkai (UST)

21 November 2017 (Tuesday)
Do apologies by perpetrators to victims matter? Dealing with injustices by Japan in Korea
Roman David (Lingnan)

Department colloquium

26 September 2017 (Tuesday)
State, free will, and historical determination: the tripartite tensions in Chinese nationalism, 1900-1911
Wang Liping (HKU)

7 November 2017 (Tuesday)
Moral panics and charismatic authority: The case of Donald Trump
Paul Joosse (HKU)

Research postgraduate seminar

19 September 2017 (Tuesday)
Who is researching what?

24 October 2017 (Tuesday)
To be confirmed

28 November 2017 (Tuesday)
To be confirmed

Further information

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