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Winners of 2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards Announced

Established in 2015, the Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards recognise the significant contribution made by companies, individuals and community organisations towards LGBT+ equality and inclusion in Hong Kong. It also provides an important platform for the finalists and winners to promote and amplify their meaningful efforts. The award nominations have been assessed based on the extent to which they are strategic, proactive, impactful, sustainable and paying it forward.

“We seldom stop to celebrate the incredible work being done by companies and their employees to create social change in Hong Kong. The LGBT+ Inclusion Awards is one of the few opportunities for us to do so. It’s heartbreaking conduct this event virtually, but I hope that we do justice to the dedication and personal effort that’s gone into all the nominations we received for these awards. I am astounded at the quality of submissions this year; all applicants deserve to be honoured and celebrated. I would like to personally recognise everyone for the hard work that’s been done this year – against some exceptionally challenging headwinds – to create a better environment for our LGBT+ community and for the next generation of LGBT+ employees. You lead, inspire and motivate others with the work that you do. Thank you!” said Peter Sargant, CEO of Community Business

LGBT+ Advocacy Award sponsored by Manulife
Dr Travis S K Kong, The University of Hong Kong 

To assist with the selection of the final winner for each award, Community Business convened a judging panel comprising of two external experts, a senior executive from the award sponsor (if any), and two judges from Community Business.

For more information about 2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards, please refer to Community Business’ website.



香港同志共融大獎創立於2015年,旨在表彰社會各方包括企業、機構及個人在推動本港職場及社區 的同志平權與共融上的重大貢獻,並為入圍者及得獎者提供一個平台,宣揚他們在同志共融工作上 所付出的努力。所有提名項目均就策略性、積極性、影響力、持續性及傳承五大範疇進行考核。

社商賢匯行政總裁施進 ( Peter Sargant ) 表示 : 「 對於企業 及員工為香港社會作出改變的傑出貢獻 ,我們認爲是值得鼓勵及讚許的。 而同志共融大獎便是一個難得的機會去公開表彰他們。雖然今次的頒獎典禮無奈地需改為網上直播形式進行,但我仍希望所有被提名者的努力及貢獻能受到公平的 評審 , 獲得 應有的表揚 。 今次的提名質素令我十分驚喜,我認爲大家都值得被表彰。我 本人想 藉此表揚今年一直努力不懈 、 逆風而行的各位 ,為我們的同志社會及下一代的同志員工創造更好的環境 。你們成功引領、啓發並推動了其他人 ,改變了這個社會,感激你們所作的一切 ! 」

最具影響力同志共融倡議 由宏利贊助

在遴選的過程中,社商賢匯召集了一個評審小組,當中由兩名外來專家、一名來自贊助機構的高級行政人 員(如有)及兩名社商賢匯的代表組成,以提升獎項的專業性及客觀性。有關評審資訊,請參考此網頁