Dr Travis Kong wins 2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Advocacy Award

Dr Travis Kong has received an LGBT+ Advocacy Award, which recognises his extensive contribution to the advancement of LGBT+ equality and inclusion in Hong Kong through advocating for legal and/or social change.

Established in 2015, the Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards recognise the significant contribution made by companies, individuals and community organisations towards LGBT+ equality and inclusion in Hong Kong. It also provides an important platform for the finalists and winners to promote and amplify their meaningful efforts. The award nominations have been assessed based on the extent to which they are strategic, proactive, impactful, sustainable and paying it forward.

Peter Sargant, CEO of Community Business said “We seldom stop to celebrate the incredible work being done by companies and their employees to create social change in Hong Kong. The LGBT+ Inclusion Awards is one of the few opportunities for us to do so. … I hope that we do justice to the dedication and personal effort that’s gone into all the nominations we received for these awards. I am astounded at the quality of submissions this year; all applicants deserve to be honoured and celebrated. I would like to personally recognise everyone for the hard work that’s been done this year—against some exceptionally challenging headwinds—to create a better environment for our LGBT+ community and for the next generation of LGBT+ employees. You lead, inspire and motivate others with the work that you do. Thank you!”