Denise Tang

Dr Denise T S Tang

Honorary Assistant Professor


Denise Tse-Shang Tang’s research focuses on gender and sexualities, film and media representation, urban spaces, migration, youth programs and service delivery. Current projects include 1) A comparative study of marriage equality discourse in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan 2) Ageing and lesbian bodies in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore 3) Migration of Hongkongers to Taiwan 4) Everyday spaces and oral history stories in Wah Fu Housing Estate, Hong Kong. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on gender, sexualities, bodies, intimacy, Hong Kong studies and introductory sociology. I am the recipient of the Faculty of Social Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award in 2015-16.

Apart from academic work, I have an extensive background in program management and advocacy in the fields of violence against women, juvenile justice, queer youth, aboriginal issues, mental health, substance use and HIV/AIDS in Canada and the U.S. I was the festival director for the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (2004  & 2005) and guest program curator for Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan (2014).​


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia

Research interests

Urban sociology
Cultural studies
Gender and sexualities
Media studies

Current research

A Comparative Study of Marriage Equality in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan – Sumitomo Foundation Grant (2016-2017) (with Chen Yi-Chien, Shih Hsin University &  Diana Khor, Hosei University)

Hongkongers’ Taiwan Dream: Exploring Life Experiences of Hong Kong Immigrants Living in Taiwan (2016-2018) – Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange

Now We Hear Them: A qualitative study of older lesbians in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan – Hong Kong Research Grants Council, General Research Fund (2016-2019) (with Antonia Chao, Tung Hai University & Shawna Tang, University of Western Sydney).

Everyday Space and Memory at Wah Fu Estate: Recording and Envisioning the Daily Life of Public Estate Residents in Hong Kong (2016-2018) – Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange (KE) Project Fund, HKU (with Gary Wong, Vincci Mak and Natalia Echeverri)

Celebrity Culture and Civic Engagement. Funded by Small Project Funding, HKU.
Project Date: 30/06/2014 – 08/12/2015

Youth Suicidality and Female Sexuality: Perspectives of Service Providers in Hong Kong. Funded by HKU Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research for New Staff. Project date: 30/06/2012 – 29/12/2013

Selected publications

2017. “Out of Reach! Youth Work in a Changing Society: A Case Study of Hong Kong Youth Service Providers.” Qualitative Social Work (forthcoming)

2017. “All I get is an emoticon: Dating on lesbian mobile phone app Butterfly.” Media, Culture & Society (forthcoming)

2017. “Feeling Alive: Voices of incarcerated youth in We Are Alive.” Crime, Media & Culture (forthcoming)

2016. “Essential labels? Gender identity politics on Hong Kong lesbian mobile phone application Butterfly” In The Routledge Handbook of New Media in Asia, edited by L. Hjorth and O. Khoo. London and New York: Routledge.

2014. “Perspectives on same-sex sexualities and self-harm amongst service providers and teachers in Hong Kong.Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning 14(4): 444-456.

2014. “Lesbian Spaces in Hong Kong.” In The Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia, edited by M. McLelland and V. Mackie. London and New York: Routledge.

2012. “An Unruly Death: Queer Media in Hong Kong“. GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. 18(4): 597-614.

2012. “A Dialogue on Chinese Male Homosexualities“. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies. 13(4): 639-643.

2012. “Branding Satire, Being Alernative: Locating Queerness in the videos of Hong Kong Media Artist Yuen Pui-Man“. Berliner China-Hefte. 40: 111-126.

金曄路、鄧芝珊 (2012) 〈「現身」說教—反思香港、台灣及中國大陸的性∕別教學經驗〉《教育的性別視角-課堂與教學實證研究》, 編者: 蔡寶瓊、陳潔華。出版者: 城市大學。

2011. Conditional Spaces: Hong Kong Lesbian Desires and Everyday Life. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.

鄧芝珊 (2011)〈「條件性空間」:香港女同志情慾、居住空間〉《置疑婚姻家庭連續體》,編者:丁乃非、劉人鵬。策劃出版: 清華大學亞太/文化研究室。出版者: 蜃樓股份有限公司。

2011. “Queering Asian Cultures.” Sociology Compass. 5(8): 688–695.

2010. “Tung Lo Wan: Lesbian Haven and Everyday Life.” In Yau Ching (ed.) As Normal as Possible: Negotiating Sexualities in HongKong and China. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, Pp.51-71.

鄧芝珊、彭心筠 (2010)〈觀看中的女孩:凝想周美玲《漂浪青春》中小女孩的婆主體性〉The Girl is Looking: Musings on a Young Girl’s Po Subjectivity in Zero Chou Mei-Ling’s Drifting Flowers《台灣女導演研究2000-2010: 她、劇情片、談話錄》, 編者: 陳明珠、黃勻祺,秀威公司。

2009. “Demand for Cultural Representation: Emerging Independent Film and Video on Lesbian Desires.” In Olivia Khoo and Sean A. Metzger (eds.) Futures of Chinese Cinema: Technologies and Temporalities inChinese Screen Cultures. Wilmington NC: Intellect Books, Pp.169-189.

鄧芝珊 (2009)〈不一樣的銅鑼灣〉《婦研縱橫》,第91期,台灣大學婦女研究室。

鄧芝珊 (2009)〈女同志的銅鑼灣〉《女流》,第49期,新婦女協進會。

2006. “The Research Pendulum: Multiple Roles and Responsibilities of a Researcher.Journal of Lesbian Studies, 10(3-4): 11-27.

2006. “Urban Intimacies in Yau Ching’s Ho Yuk: Let’s Love Hong Kong”. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University.

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