Ms Di Mei

PhD Student



I am interested in relationships between Asian male and female, in various forms.  My first focus on this issue is to see how Chinese youth perceive their own femininities or masculinities.  Moreover, I see their construction of gender identities as an interwoven process which both genders perform to/against and interact with each other.  I am also interested in the intimate relationships of Chinese youth under digital era, on its formation and potential impacts on their well-being as well as on gender equality.

And my second focus is gender ideologies and relationships of consumers of Asian popular culture.  I am especially interested in the “ACG” culture, which is abbreviated for “anime (animation), cartoon and games”, a term that is used to refer to “subculture” that mainly from Japan.  The ACG culture has gradually become an indispensable part of the lives of Chinese youth.  I hope to explore the impact of ACG culture on gender ideologies and interactions of consumers in China if got chance.

I have experience as research assistant in research project on the attitudes toward Taiwan of college students from mainland China.  Additionally, I have had experience leading seminar groups in contemporary social theory and the Sociology of Kinship.


MA in Sociology
Temple University (Philadelphia, the United States)

BA in Public Finance
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Shanghai, China)

Research interests

Femininity & masculinity
Family and intimate relationships
Popular culture and media

Current research

My main research interest is gender. Two focused areas are power dynamics between genders, and ideologies of both genders.

Honours and recognitions

The second prize of the People’s Scholarship, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2015

The third prize of Shanghai Undergraduates Social Science Forum, Shanghai, China, 2014