Li Peifan

Mr Ethan Peifan Li

PhD Student


Li Peifan is a full-time PhD student at HKU Sociology. He received his bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Economics (Minor) from Xiamen University and master’s degree from Renmin University of China. His current project focuses on judicial practices, dispute resolutions and social governance in the rural Southeastern China.


Master in Sociology
Renmin University of China (Beijing, China)

Bachelor in Sociology
Xiamen University (Fujian, China)

Research interests

Sociology of law
Rural sociology
Social governance

Selected publications

Hong, Dayong, Fan Yechao & Li Peifan. 2016. Socio-economic Status, Behavioral Adaption, and Expectation for Government Performance: An analysis of the differentiation of residents’ smog-related outmigration intention. Sociological Studies (3): 1-24. (In Chinese)

Li Peifan. 2013. The Relationship between Job-seekers’ Social Capital and the Outcome: An analysis based on CGSS 2008 Data (in Chinese). Journal of CUMT (Social Sciences), (2): 50-58. (In Chinese)

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