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Mr Fu Longwen

PhD Student



I am a PhD student at HKU Sociology. My seven years of training in sociology, which began with my undergraduate studies at Renmin University of China, has allowed me to develop broad research interests. My master’s thesis investigated guanxi (personal relationship) and its effects on the life and work of Chinese medical professionals. One paper from this study was published in Sociological Master Degree Papers from Three University (2014, in Chinese). Co-authoring with my supervisor Cheris Chan, another paper is currently under preparation.

I am currently doing fieldwork for my dissertation, which is about the socialization of young physicians and the transformation of residency training in China. I hope to learn more about the process of professionalization and the difficult life of Chinese doctors, or, to be more accurate, doctor-to-be.


Master in Sociology
Renmin University of China

Bachelor in Sociology
Renmin University of China

Research interests

Cultural Sociology
Medical Sociology
New Economic Sociology
Social Psychology
Symbolic Interactionism
Social Relations (Guanxi)
STS (Latour)
Qualitative Methods

Selected publications

Journal articles:

Liao, Fei, Fu Longwen, and You siyuan. 2013. “A Comparison Research on the Public Civilization between Beijing and Taipei.” Daode yu Wenming (Morality and Civilization), (6): 140-143. (in Chinese)

Book chapters:

Fu, Longwen. 2014. “In Front of Request: How Do Doctors Respond to Guanxi”. In Zheng Yefu, Shen Yuan, and Guo Xinghua (eds.) Sociological Master Degree Papers from Three Universities (2014). Beijing: China Social Sciences Press. (in Chinese)