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Dr Gonçalo Santos

Assistant Professor

+852 3917 8133

May Hall, Room 210, M/F., The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus


Gonçalo Santos (江紹龍) is a Joint Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Prior to joining the University of Hong Kong in 2013, he was an LSE Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (2007-2011) and a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle/Saale (2011-2013).

His research has been published in leading journals such as Current Anthropology, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Modern Asian Studies, and East Asian Science, Technology, and Society. He is the co-editor of two major volumes: Chinese Kinship: Contemporary Anthropological Perspectives (Routledge, 2009) and Transforming Patriarchy: Chinese Families in the 21st Century (University of Washington Press, 2017). He is also the co-editor of a special issue of Modern Asian Studies on “Love, Marriage, and Intimate Citizenship in contemporary China and India” (July 2016). His first monograph – entitled The Anthropological School of Coimbra 1885-1950 (Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 2005) – revisits the history of osteological collections and racial categories in Western Europe and reflects his interdisciplinary training in socio-cultural anthropology and science and technology studies.

His research has been supported by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council, British Academy, Max Planck Society, American Council of Learned Societies, amongst other international organizations and funding bodies.

Research interests

Family, Gender, and Intimacy
Technology, Power, and Culture
Philanthropy, Humanitarianism, and Everyday Ethics
Science and Technology Studies

Current research

2017–2020 – Collaborative Research Project, Co-PI, CRF Grant

Title: Rethinking Modernity in East Asia. Technologies of Everyday Life, 19th century – early 21st century

Funded by CRF Grant, Research Grants Council, HK

2014–2017 – Individual Research Project, PI, Seed-funding Grant

Title: Intimate Modernities. Love, Money, and Everyday Ethics in the Hills of Guangdong, 1976-2015

Funded by Seed-Funding Program, HKU

2016-2018 – Individual Research Project, PI, Hang Seng Grant

Title: Chinese Midwives under Socialism: An Oral History Project

Funded by Hang Seng Bank Golden Jubilee Education Fund for Research, HKU

2014–2017 – Individual Research Project, PI, GRF Grant

Title: Technology, charitable benefaction, and humanitarian aid in contemporary China

Funded by GRF Grant, Research Grants Council, HK

Awarded prestigious fellowship grant from the American Council of Learned Societies (Comparative Perspectives on Chinese Culture and Society)

Selected publications

Monographs, Edited Volumes, and Journal Special Issues

  1. Transforming Patriarchy. Chinese Families in the 21st century. Seattle, Washington: University of Washington Press. [co-edited with Stevan Harrell]
  1. “Love, Marriage, and Intimate Citizenship in contemporary China and India.” Modern Asian Studies Volume 50, Special Issue 4 [co-edited with Henrike Donner]
  1. Chinese Kinship. Contemporary Anthropological Perspectives.Abingdon, UK, and New York, NY: Routledge (Routledge Contemporary China Series) [co-edited with Susanne Brandtstädter]
  1. A Escola de Antropologia de Coimbra, 1885-1950. (The Anthropological School of Coimbra, 1885-1950) Lisbon: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, Pp.232.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

2017 (In Press). “Technological Choices and Modern Material Civilization. Reflections on Everyday Toilet Practices in rural South China.” In Anthropology and Civilisational Analysis. Edited by Johann Arnason and Chris Hann. New York: SUNY Press.

  1. “Love, Family, and Gender in 21st Century China.”In Socialism with Neoliberal Characteristics. Social Support and Kinship in China and Vietnam. Edited by Kirsten W. Endres and Chris Hann. Halle, Saale: Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology.
  1. “Introduction”In Transforming Patriarchy. Chinese Families in the 21st century. Edited by Gonçalo Santos and Stevan Harrell. Seattle, Washington: University of Washington Press, pp.3-36. [co-authored with Stevan Harrell]
  1. “Multiple Mothering and Labor Migration in rural South China”In Transforming Patriarchy. Chinese Families in the 21st century. Edited by Gonçalo Santos and Stevan Harrell. Seattle, Washington: University of Washington Press, pp.91-110.
  1. “Love, Marriage, and Intimate Citizenship in Contemporary China and India: An Introduction.”Modern Asian Studies 50 (4): pp.1123-1146 [co-authored with Henrike Donner]
  1. “On Intimate Choices and Troubles in rural South China.” Modern Asian Studies 50 (4): pp.1298-1326.
  1. “Technologies of Ethical Imagination.”In Ordinary Ethics in China Today. Edited by Charles Stafford. London: Berg (LSE Monographs on Social Anthropology Series), pp.194-221.
  1. “The Birth of Physical Anthropology in Late Imperial Portugal.”Current Anthropology 53 (S5): S33-S45. (Special Issue: Wenner-Gren Symposium, Edited by Ricardo V. Santos and Susan Lindee)
  1. “Rethinking the Green Revolution in South China. Technological materialities and human-environment relations.”East Asian Science, Technology, and Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal 5 (4): pp.477-502.
  1. “Fertility decline in rural China. A Comparative Analysis.” Journal of Family History 36 (1): pp.15-36. [co-authored with Stevan Harrell, Wang Yuesheng, Han Hua, and Zhou Yingying]
  1. “On ‘same-year siblings’ in rural South China.”In The Ways of Friendship. Anthropological Perspectives. Edited by Amit Desai and Evan Killick. London and New York: Berghahn Books, pp.20-45.
  1. “L’Agriculture Traditionnelle Chinoise est-elle Verte et jusqu’où?”In L’empreinte de la technique. Ethnotechnologie prospective (Cerisy 2-9 Juillet 2009). Edited by Thierry Gaudin and Elie Faroult. Paris: L’Harmattan, pp.117-39.
  1. “Introduction: Chinese kinship metamorphoses.”In Chinese Kinship. Contemporary Anthropological Perspectives. Edited by Susanne Brandtstädter and Gonçalo Santos. Abingdon, UK, and New York, NY: Routledge (Routledge Contemporary China Series), pp.1-26. [co-authored with Susanne Brandtstädter]
  1. “The ‘stove-family’ and the process of kinship in rural South China.”In Chinese Kinship. Contemporary Anthropological Perspectives. Edited by Susanne Brandtstädter and Gonçalo Santos. Abingdon, UK, and New York, NY: Routledge (Routledge Contemporary China Series), pp.112-36.
  1. “Rice Intimacies: Reflections on the ‘House’ in Upland Sulawesi and South China.” Archiv für Völkerkunde, 57-58: pp.37-64. [co-authored with Aurora Donzelli]
  1. “On ‘same-year siblings’ in rural South China”. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 14 (3): pp.535-553.
  1. “Zhongguo Fuxi Zongzu yu Yinger de Renzhi (Chinese Patriliny and Infant Cognition)”. Zhongguo Yanjiu (China Study), 3: pp.1-19. (Special Issue on Cognitive Anthropology)
  1. “The Anthropology of Chinese Kinship. A Critical Overview.” European Journal of East Asian Studies, 5 (2): pp.275-333.
  1. “Os ‘Camponeses’ e o ‘Imperador’. Reflexões Etnográficas sobre Orizicultura Intensiva e Estratificação Social no Sudeste da China“. Etnográfica, 10 (1): pp.41-70.

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