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Mr Kent Xili Deng

PhD student



Kent Deng’s has a broad range of intellectual interests, which has motivated him to pursue degrees in sociology, cultural studies and English studies throughout the years.  His undergraduate exposure to English language and literature at Sun Yat-sen University attracted him to Western literary and socio-cultural theories, and compelled him to advance his study in intercultural studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he received his MA.  His new interests in socio-political theories and contemporary Chinese society catalysed the pursuit of his MPhil in sociology at The University of Hong Kong.  Currently, he is a doctoral candidate at the same department.

Kent focuses on organisational sociology, political sociology and social movement, and primarily uses qualitative, especially ethnographic, methods to survey contemporary China. His MPhil research project investigated the mechanisms of and conditions for Internet-to-street mobilisation in China.  Currently, he is conducting a doctoral study into the organisational behaviour of the county-level Communist trade union in China through the lenses of organisational and political sociologies.

Kent has much experience in undergraduate teaching and research assistance.  He has tutored undergraduate courses covering sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, religious studies and media studies at The University of Hong Kong since 2010.  After he joined the HKU Sociology, Kent has also helped Dr Cheris Chan and Dr David Palmer in the capacity of full-time and part-time research assistant for years.


Master of Philosophy in Sociology
(The University of Hong Kong)

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Bachelor of Arts in English Studies
(Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou)


Research interests

Social movement
State-society relations
Trade union
Organisational behaviour
Social mobility and language acquisition