Dr Carrie K W Li

Part-time Lecturer


Dr. Carrie K.W. Li received her PhD in criminal justice from Michigan State University, USA. She also earned a MSc in Crime Science from University College London and BSc in Psychology from University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. She is also a research fellow at the Center for Criminology at University of Hong Kong. Her areas of research include intimate partner violence, juvenile delinquency, and criminological theory. She studies the etiology and risk factors for intimate partner violence across cultural contexts and has recently expanded her research to Chinese society. Her approach to research is to use advanced statistical techniques, qualitative, and experimental methods, as well as multiple theoretical frameworks. Her research also takes a feminist and intersectionality approach to create knowledge for women, vulnerable, and marginalized populations.

Dr. Li is the winner of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences graduate student paper award. Her work has been recognized by three Research Scholars Award from the College of Social Science and a Disciplinary Leadership Award from the Council of Graduate Students at Michigan State University. Dr. Li is also a recipient of two International Peace Scholarship and a Criminal Justice Community Psychology Scholarship. Her recent work has appeared in top journals, including Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Violence Against Women, Victims & Offenders, Deviant Behavior, and Journal of Prevention and Health Promotion.

Courses taught


Michigan State University

University College London

University of Bristol

Research interests

Domestic Violence
Interpersonal Violence
Criminological theories
Gender and Culture
Juvenile Delinquency
Interventions and Policies

Honours and recognitions

2018 Dissertation Completion Fellowship (US$7,000), Michigan State University
2015 – 2016 International Peace Scholarship (US$20,000), Philanthropic Educational Organization
2015 Disciplinary Leadership Award (US$2,500), Council of Graduate Students, Michigan State University
2014 Graduate Student Paper Award (US$600), Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
2014 Winner of Oral Presentation (US$500), Environmental Risk and Decision Making Symposium, Michigan State University
2013 – 2015 Research Scholars Grants (US$18,000), College of Social Science, Michigan State University

Selected publications

Rizzo, A. J., Li, C. K. W., Banyard, V. L., & Edwards, K. M. (2022). Who do we model? A brief report comparing different sources of normative influence on adolescent bystander intervention. Journal of Prevention & Health Promotion.

Li, C. K., Liu, J., & Chen, X. (2022). Chinese Women’s Financial Independence and Their Intimate Partner Violence Victimization Experiences. Violence Against Women, 10778012221097143.

Li, C. K. (2022). The applicability of social structure and social learning theory to explain intimate partner violence perpetration across national contexts. Journal of interpersonal violence, 08862605211072166.

Li, C. K. W., Almanza, M., Abad, D., & Melde, C. (2020). Do different factors explain low- versus high-rate adolescent weapon carrying? Victims & Offenders, 16:2, 203-222, DOI: 10.1080/15564886.2020.1799467

Li, C. K., Holt, T. J., Bossler, A. M., & May, D. C. (2016). Examining the mediating effects of social learning on the low self-control cyberbullying relationship in a youth sample. Deviant Behavior, 37(2), 1–13. DOI:10.1080/01639625.2014.1004023.