Lui Tai-lok

Prof Lui Tai-lok

Honorary Professor


Professor Lui was a history major in his undergraduate years, but then moved on to obtain an MPhil in Sociology at The University of Hong Kong, followed by an MPhil and a DPhil, both in Sociology, at The University of Oxford.

He subsequently returned to Hong Kong and taught at City Polytechnic (1986-88) and then at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1988-2009) before joining The University of Hong Kong.

Professor Lui is also a regular columnist in local newspapers and occasionally a radio programme host.


The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford

The University of Hong Kong

Research interests

Class analysis
Economic sociology
Urban sociology
Hong Kong society

Current research

How parents prepare their children for social mobility in Hong Kong

Hong Kong in the 1970s

Five-Antis Campaign (五反運動) in Shanghai

Selected publications

2009. Hong Kong: Becoming a Chinese Global City. London: Routledge. (Co-authored with Stephen Chiu)

2009. “Becoming a Chinese global city: Hong Kong (and Shanghai) beyond the global-local duality,” in Xiangming Chen (ed.) Shanghai Rising: State Power and Local Transformations in a Global Megacity. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. (Co-authored with Stephen Chiu)

2009. “Learning from civil unrest: state/society relations in Hong Kong before and after the 1967 disturbances,” Robert Bickers and Ray Yep (eds) May Days in Hong Kong: Riots and Emergency in 1967. Hong Kong: Hong KongUniversity Press. (co-authored with Alan Smart)

2009. “階級分析的情感轉向:上海與香港中產階級的認同,” 李春玲(編) ,《比較視野下的中產階級形成》。北京:社會科學文獻出版社。

2008. Hong Kong, China: Learning to Belong to a Nation. London: Routledge. (Co-authored with G. Mathews and E. Ma)

2008. “City-branding without content: Hong Kong’s aborted West Kowloon mega-project, 1998-2006.” International Development Planning Review, Vol.30, No.3.

2007. “Governance crisis in post-1997 Hong Kong: a political economy perspective.” The China Review, Vol.7, No.2. (Co-authored with Stephen Chiu)

2006. “無關痛癢的1974,” 吳俊雄等(合編),《香港·文化·研究》。香港:香港大學出版社。

2005. “Bringing class back in: China re-stratified.” Critical Asian Studies. Vol.37, No.3

2004. “Testing the global city-social polarization thesis: Hong Kong since the 1990s.” Urban Studies, Vol.41, No.10. (Co-authored with Stephen Chiu)

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