Prof Vincent X G Qi

Adjunct Professor


Vincent X G Qi is an anthropologist who specialises in business anthropology and economic anthropology. He conducts interdisciplinary research using ethnographic engagement to provide insights into how the dynamic business eco-system—consisting of economic, technological, social, and cultural elements—could help in the move towards a more sustainable society.

He has engaged in his research and teaching activities based in sociology and anthropology departments and business schools, including at the University of Cambridge, Peking University, and Cornell University. He also has contributed his knowledge to practices at several international organisations.

His research explores traditional economic anthropology and contemporary business anthropology, applying anthropological research methods in industry and business settings. These include global shipping and supply chain, tourism, creative and cultural sectors. He is particularly interested in exploring visions of sustainable landscapes, such as: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) for sustainable human society, and sustainable business and human relations in the digital era. He also examines concepts of reciprocity, gift, and trust in his research and teaching practices.

Courses taught

Research interests

Business anthropology

Economic anthropology

Business ethnography and research methods

Sustainable development

Indigenous community

Case studies and policy research

Creative and cultural sectors

Media and tourism sectors

Global shipping, supply chain, and e-commerce sectors

Selected publications

Journal articles (recent 3 years):

Wang, W., Ding, L., Chan, J., & Qi, X. (2022). Process Framework for Innovation Through Tradition and Its Antecedents in Rural Heritage B&B. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Guan, J., Chan, J., Bi, J., & Qi, X. (2022).  Cultural Proximity, Destination Familiarity and Tourists’ Sense of Away-from-home (SAFH). Journal of Destination Marketing and Management

Lyu, J., Khan, S., Bibi, A., Chan, J., & Qi, X. * (2022). Big Data in Action: An Overview of Big Data Studies in Tourism and Hospitality Journals. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 51: 346-360.

Guan, J., Wang, W., Guo, Z., Chan, J., & Qi, X. (2021). Customer Experience and Brand Loyalty in the Full-service Hotel Sector: The Role of Brand Affect. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 33(5): 1620-1645.

Ying, S., Chan, J., & Qi, X. * (2020). Why Are Chinese and North American Guest Satisfied or Dissatisfied with Hotels? An Application of Big Data Analysis. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 32(10): 3249-3269.

Qi, X., Chan, J., Hu, J., & Li, Y. (2020). Motivations for Selecting Cross-border E-commerce as a Foreign Market Entry Mode. Industrial Marketing Management, 89: 50-60.

Wang, W., Ying, S., Mejia, C., Wang, Y., Chan, J., & Qi, X. (2020). Independent Traveler’s Niche Hotel Booking Motivations: The Emergence of a Hybrid Culture Society. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 89(102573): 1-12.

Wang, W., Su, C., Chan, J., & Qi, X. * (2020). Operational Risk and Coping Strategies of Micro-enterprise in Peer-to-peer Accommodation Service Sector: Evidences from China. Industrial Management & Data Systems., 120(9): 1759-1775.

Book chapters:

Chan, J., Chen, S., Ji, Z., Zhang, Y., & Qi, X. (2020). Self-gentrification as a Pro-active Response to Tourism Development: Cases of Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Mainland China and Taiwan. Indigenous Welling and Enterprise: Self-Determination and Sustainable Economic Development. Routledge Publisher, in R. Anderson and R. Colbourne, ISBN: 978-0-3673-4963-9.

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