Ms Zhang Sai

PhD Student

8.25, 8/F., The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus


Sai Zhang is a full-time PhD student at HKU sociology. She received her bachelor’s degree in Literature from Shandong University and master’s degree in big data, culture and society from King’s College London. She studied MA in Communication in Shandong University for two years without certificate.

Her research interests include cultural sociology, media sociology, ICT and STS. Her current research focuses on cosmetic surgery in Hong Kong and mainland China, including the controversy and risk construction, and the relationship between culture and beauty practices.


Digital Humanities, King’s College London

Program: MA big data in culture and society

School of Literature, Shandong University

Program: BA in Chinese Language & Literature

Research interests

Media sociology

Cultural sociology

Social studies of science and technology

Information and communication technology

Datafication and digitalization

Identity, gender

Risk construction

Honours and recognitions

HKU presidential scholarship  (HKU-PS)  2020

Selected publications

Journal article in Chinese

Zhang,S. (2020). “Western Freelance Journalists: Freedom or Restriction?” Youth Journalist.

Zhang,S. (2020). “Critique of Algorithmic Power: How Does Algorithmic News Construct Reality?”. Journalism Lover.

Gong, W.G., Zhu,M., Zhang,S., and Zhang,Y. (2019)  “Media Hegemony,Cultural Circle and the Global Dissemination of the Orientalist Discourse: Taking Public Opinion on China in GDELT as an Example”.  Sociological Studies.

Zhang,S. (2019). “From Culture Science to Media Science: Opportunities, Challenges and Big Data”. Youth Journalist.



Youth Journalist and Journalism Lover are sources of Guide to Core Journals of China (GCJC)

Sociological Studies is a top journal in Sociology and a source journal of Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI).