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Class, Gender, and Social Inequalities

This research cluster explores the changing nature of social inequalities in relation to class, gender, race and ethnicity, age, and other social divisions that structure contemporary human life in a global context and within East and Southeast Asia. It brings together a variety of fields such as work and labour market, education, health, marriage and family, religion, migration and many more, and provides a platform for sociologists/anthropologists to present cutting-edge research using quantitative and qualitative methods.

Research Projects

Ongoing Research Project

Principal Investigator

A Panel Study on the Well Being of Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong General Social Survey (which is hosted by the Faculty)

Social Stratification in Skills and Multidimensional Well-being: Explaining the Skills Trap

Well-being and Social Inequality in East Asia

Examining education and happiness inequalities around the world: Towards interdisciplinary research on human flourishing

Comparative study on the heterogeneous socio-economic returns to cognitive and noncognitive skills: Uncovering hidden inequalities in skills and well-being

Bases of Power and Organizational Contexts: How DingTalk Changes Social Relations in Chinese Workplaces

Passivity as Posture in Social Interaction: How Chinese workers manage workplace power hierarchy

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