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Prof Vincent X G Qi

Adjunct Professor

HKU Scholars Hub
Personal Website
Personal Website
Prof Vincent X G Qi
  • Vincent X G Qi is an anthropologist who specialises in business anthropology and economic anthropology. He conducts interdisciplinary research using ethnographic engagement to provide insights into how the dynamic business eco-system—consisting of economic, technological, social, and cultural elements—could help in the move towards a more sustainable society.

    He has engaged in his research and teaching activities based in sociology and anthropology departments and business schools, including at the University of Cambridge, Peking University, and Cornell University. He also has contributed his knowledge to practices at several international organisations.

    His research explores traditional economic anthropology and contemporary business anthropology, applying anthropological research methods in industry and business settings. These include global shipping and supply chain, tourism, creative and cultural sectors. He is particularly interested in exploring visions of sustainable landscapes, such as: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) for sustainable human society, and sustainable business and human relations in the digital era. He also examines concepts of reciprocity, gift, and trust in his research and teaching practices.

    Professor Qi contributes his leadership and expertise in a number of sectors including higher education, as well as to several non-profit and for-profit organisations, on strategic internationalisation projects, sustainable business design, global partnerships buildup, diversity of leadership and board composition.

    Professor Qi is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and a Lifelong Member of Wolfson College in the University of Cambridge. He has also been recognised by the British Academy as an Exceptional Talent in Business and Management Studies.

    • Business anthropology

    • Economic anthropology

    • Business ethnography and research methods

    • Sustainable development

    • Indigenous entrepreneurship & family business

    • Consumer Cultures & lifestyles

    • International business management & marketing strategy

    • Case studies and policy research

    • Creative and cultural sectors

    • Media and tourism sectors

    • Global shipping, supply chain, and e-commerce sectors

  • Journal articles (recent 3 years):

    Qi, X., & Guan, J. (2022, in Chinese). Operation Empowers Rural Revitalization: A Case Study of Rural Operation in Lin’an. Social Sciences in China (internal circulation). 《运营赋能乡村振兴 ––  以临安乡村运营为案例分析》,《中国社会科学(内部文稿)》2022年第6期。

    Wang, W., Ding, L., Chan, J., & Qi, X. (2022). Process Framework for Innovation Through Tradition and Its Antecedents in Rural Heritage B&B. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

    Guan, J., Chan, J., Bi, J., & Qi, X. (2022). Cultural Proximity, Destination Familiarity and Tourists’ Sense of Away-from-home (SAFH). Journal of Destination Marketing and Management

    Lyu, J., Khan, S., Bibi, A., Chan, J., & Qi, X. * (2022). Big Data in Action: An Overview of Big Data Studies in Tourism and Hospitality Journals. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 51: 346-360.

    Guan, J., Wang, W., Guo, Z., Chan, J., & Qi, X. (2021). Customer Experience and Brand Loyalty in the Full-service Hotel Sector: The Role of Brand Affect. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 33(5): 1620-1645.

    Qi, X., & Su, J., (2021, in Chinese). Study on Comprehensive Structure of Economic Institution: An Insight on the Evolution of China’s Economic Institution from the Perspective of Economic Anthropology by Understanding Reciprocity. Fiscal Science.《论经济制度共存结构 — 基于经济人类学互惠理论的经济制度演化探析》,《财政科学》第7期。

    Ying, S., Chan, J., & Qi, X. * (2020). Why Are Chinese and North American Guest Satisfied or Dissatisfied with Hotels? An Application of Big Data Analysis. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 32(10): 3249-3269.

    Qi, X., Chan, J., Hu, J., & Li, Y. (2020). Motivations for Selecting Cross-border E-commerce as a Foreign Market Entry Mode. Industrial Marketing Management, 89: 50-60.

    Su, J., & Qi, X. (2020, in Chinese). Behavioural Public Policy and Its Application in Public Finance: Logics, Cases and Solutions. Public Finance Research.《论行为公共政策及其在财政治理中的应用: 逻辑、案例与对策》,《财政研究》第3期。

    Wang, W., Ying, S., Mejia, C., Wang, Y., Chan, J., & Qi, X. (2020). Independent Traveler’s Niche Hotel Booking Motivations: The Emergence of a Hybrid Culture Society. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 89(102573): 1-12.

    Wang, W., Su, C., Chan, J., & Qi, X. * (2020). Operational Risk and Coping Strategies of Micro-enterprise in Peer-to-peer Accommodation Service Sector: Evidences from China. Industrial Management & Data Systems., 120(9): 1759-1775.

    Book chapters:

    Chan, J., Chen, S., Ji, Z., Zhang, Y., & Qi, X. (2020). Self-gentrification as a Pro-active Response to Tourism Development: Cases of Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Mainland China and Taiwan. Indigenous Welling and Enterprise: Self-Determination and Sustainable Economic Development. Routledge Publisher, in R. Anderson and R. Colbourne, ISBN: 978-0-3673-4963-9.

    Chan, J.H., Iankova, K., Zhang, Y., McDonald, T., & Qi., X. (2017). The Role of Self-gentrification in Sustainable Tourism. Sustainable Tourism and Indigenous People, Routledge Publisher, ISBN: 978-1-1380-8381-3.

    Chan, J., Zhang, Y. & McDonald, T., & Qi, X. (2016). Entrepreneurship in Indigenous Community: Sustainable Tourism and Economic Development in A Newly-Inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Indigenous People and Economic Development: An International Perspective, Routledge Publisher, ISBN: 978-1-4724-3485-2.


    Qi, X., & Su, J. (2021, in Chinese). Co-creative Dynamics. China Financial Publishing House, ISBN: 978-7-5220-1093-9. 《共创态》,《中国金融出版社》。

    Qi, X., & Tian, G. (2018). Economic and Business Anthropology in China. North American Business Press, ISBN: 978-1-9489-1502-1.

    Qi, X., & Tian K., Wang, T., Tian, G. (eds. 2017). Marketing and Economics in Modern China (I). North American Business Press, ISBN: 978-1-9489-1506-9.

    Qi, X. (2016, in Chinese). Study of Organizational Culture in the Chinese Operations of Multinational Companies: A Business Anthropology Perspective. People’s Publishing House. ISBN: 9787010160481. 《工商人类学视角下的组织文化研究》,《人民出版社》。

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