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Mastering the art of research through craft beer

25 January 2021

Two students from our MSocSc Media, Culture and Creative Cities programme are conducting an original research project on Hong Kong’s craft beer industry, in collaboration with Young Master, a local craft brewery.

The capstone project, by students Tedford and Ka Ho, seeks to examine the factors that may influence casual drinkers to explore tasting craft beer—an important issue in a market such as Hong Kong, where craft beer remains a key growth sector.

Tedford and Ka Ho’s research involves carrying out surveys and interviews with casual drinkers to understand their attitudes towards craft beer. Developing their project in collaboration with Young Master has given them the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the industry, while also producing research that offers useful insight for the company.

Their supervisor, Dr Victor Shin says, “This is an excellent example of the innovative social research that our Media, Culture and Creative Cities students carry out in collaboration with community organisations as part of their capstone project. It’s a great way for our students to apply their sociological knowledge to real-life situations in the media, creative and cultural industries.”

Young Master Ales Brewery was founded in December 2013 and has since established itself as a leader in the Asian craft beer scene. It endeavours to create a world-class, yet locally rooted craft beer culture in Asia.

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