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Criminology Major/Minor

Criminology is an interdisciplinary field in the social sciences, drawing especially upon the research of sociologists, but with important contributions from the fields of psychology, social work, law and human rights. Our programme seeks to promote a critical and comparative understanding of crime and social deviance, how the criminal justice system operates, and the impact on different social groups and communities.

We will equip you with the conceptual and methodological tools, analytical and presentational skills, and a criminological imagination to take out into the world, and change it for the better. The programme is also helpful if you are seeking a career in the criminal justice system, or if you have a general interest in crime, social harms and justice.

Overall, our programme aims to:

  • provide you with a multidisciplinary framework for understanding crime and its control;

  • enhance your critical understanding of crime and social order by exposing you to historical and cross-cultural analyses of the subject; and

  • encourage you to appreciate and care about the causes, solutions and harms related to the problem of crime and justice locally and globally.

General applications enquiry

Ms Liu, Amy Y H
Tel: +852 3917 5685 / +852 3917 4320

Student experiences

The Criminology major allowed me to learn about crime from a different angle, and challenged my conventional understanding of everyday life.

— Cherry, Alumna of Criminology

The major in criminology is an incredibly comprehensive programme, which gives you a deeper understanding of what's happening in the world.

— Amy, Alumna of Criminology


2nd semester


Use our course finder to browse all our undergraduate introductory and advanced courses.

Courses shown above are for illustration only, assuming major study mode. Actual course requirements vary depending on year of admission, home faculty and major/minor programme selected. Please check the relevant regulations for BSocSc students (or your own faculty) for definitive information on course eligibility.

Compulsory courses

Core courses


Criminal justice: Policy and practice

2nd semester


Qualitative research methods

1st semester


Crime and the city

2nd semester

Elective courses


Crime and the media

1st semester


Drug control in comparative perspective

1st semester

Final year (compulsory)


Capstone project in criminology

1st semester

  • BSocSc students typically declare their major at the end of their first year of study.

  • Students from other faculties should consult their own faculty for information on when to declare a major/minor.

Important dates​

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