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Sociology Major/Minor

Our sociology undergraduate program aims to nurture you to become a knowledgeable, critical and caring member of society. Our programme provides you with a solid intellectual foundation in sociology.

By taking courses that constitute the core areas of sociology, you will be equipped with skills to analyse key features of modern societies, such as urban life, culture, science and technology, economy, politics, marriage and family, and numerous other areas. Our wide-ranging course offerings also allow you scope to examine a number of specialist areas related to the discipline in a more concentrated manner, including media and culture, anthropology, and criminology.

You will be trained in classic and modern social theories, and equipped with both quantitative and qualitative research skills. These skills are highly sought after by many graduate employers and our graduates are currently working in many areas of business, government, social services, disciplinary services, NGOs, education, media and journalism, or pursuing further postgraduate study.

As a whole, our programme aims to:

  • provide you with knowledge in the conduct of social life;

  • enhance your critical understanding of the social world by exposing you to historical and cross-cultural analyses of the subject; and

  • encourage you to appreciate and care for the continuing efforts to improve social life in the globalized world of today.

The final capstone project allowed me to work with a professor, reflect on my research and make a social impact.

— Leafia, Alumna of Sociology

Enrolling in an introductory sociology course without even knowing what “sociology” means was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

— Angel, Alumna of Sociology


Classical social theory

2nd semester


Quantitative research methods

1st semester


Modern social theory

2nd semester


Qualitative research methods

1st semester

Use our course finder to browse all our undergraduate introductory and advanced courses.

Courses shown above are for illustration only, assuming major study mode. Actual course requirements vary depending on year of admission, home faculty and major/minor programme selected. Please check the relevant regulations for BSocSc students (or your own faculty) for definitive information on course eligibility.

Final year (compulsory)


Capstone project in sociology

1st semester

General applications enquiry

Student experiences

Ms Liu, Amy Y H
Tel: +852 3917 5685 / +852 3917 4320

Important dates​
  • BSocSc students typically declare their major at the end of their first year of study.

  • Students from other faculties should consult their own faculty for information on when to declare a major/minor.

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Compulsory courses

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