Research projects

Our academic staff are working on a large number of innovative social research projects which are supported by research, governmental and other bodies.

Current research projects

In alphabetical order, by family name

  • Chan, Cheris – Lasting Struggle: Ideology, Frame Transformation, and Collective Action of the Falun Gong Movement
  • Ham, Julie — Globalized labour knowledges between the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East
  • Ham, Julie — Non-Chinese sex workers in Hong Kong and emerging sex work spaces
  • Ham, Julie — Sustainable Sunday Couture: Domestic Workers and Upcycling Designers
  • Ham, Julie — The Lives of Migrant Remittances: An Asian Comparative Study
  • Ham, Julie — Visualizing the voices of women migrant workers, with Vivian Wenli Lin
  • Joosse, Paul — Contentious Politics in Hong Kong
  • Joosse, Paul — Developing an Analytical Framework of Operational and Inspirational Terrorist Leadership
  • Kong, Travis — A Trans-local Study of the Processes and Challenges of Identity Formation among Chinese Young Gay Men in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan
  • Laidler, Karen — ​Assessing the socioeconomic costs of drug abuse in Hong Kong SAR​​
  • Laidler, Karen — Drug Policy and Human Rights Training 2017
  • Laidler, Karen — Evaluation of prisoner criminogenic needs and effectiveness of intervention program
  • Laidler, Karen — Investor Motivations and Fraud: Implications for Crime Prevention Education
  • Laidler, Karen — Opening Doors, Creating Pathways: A qualitative study of social harms and service access of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds in HK
  • Lee, Maggy — Big Data, Live Methods and Surveillance Subjectivities among Transnational Migrants in Hong Kong
  • Lee, Maggy — Translating Cultures
  • Martin, Sylvia — Film Industries, Cities, and Soft Power
  • McDonald, Tom — Digital money and migration in China: Contemporary monetary practices and imagined economic futures
  • McDonald, Tom — Production of Quality Teaching Materials on Globalization and Social Media for Secondary Education Teachers and Students in Hong Kong and UK
  • Pun Ngai — Research and Advocacy of the Housing Policy for the Migrant Workers in China
  • Pun Ngai — Learning to labour: Social Media and Migrant Labour Protection in China
  • Tang, Denise & Wong, Gary — Everyday Space and Memory at Wah Fu Estate: Recording and Envisioning the Daily Life of Public Estate Residents in Hong Kong
  • Tang, Denise — Hongkongers’ Taiwan Dream: Exploring Life Experiences of Hong Kong Immigrants Living in Taiwan
  • Tang, Denise — Now We Hear Them: A qualitative study of older lesbians in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan
  • Tian Xiaoli — Why disclose personal information online? Privacy and Face-Work on Chinese Social Media
  • Tse, Tommy — A Comparative Analysis of Creative Industries in Greater China and South Korea – Fashion as Case Study
  • Tse, Tommy — Co-creating Fashion in the Post-Industrial Era: Comparative Analysis of the Creative Industries in China and South Korea
  • Tse, Tommy — Creative Industries in Flux: A Critical Investigation into the Challenges, Agency and Potential of Cultural and Creative Workers in Hong Kong
  • ​Tse Tommy — Good Work, Bad Life? Demystifying the Glamour of Creative Labor in Advertising Industry
  • Tse, Tommy & Tong, Carmen — Green a Difference: Reduction of Animal Consumption in Hong Kong
  • Tse, Tommy & Tong, Carmen  — Size does matter: Reflecting our attitudes and knowledge about non-human animals in urban Hong Kong
  • Wang Peng — Explaining the persistence of campaign-style policing against organised crime in mainland China
  • Wang Liping — Legal Discrimination and Civilianizing Frontier: A Comparative Study of Criminalization in Gansu (1750s-1850s) and Inner Mongolia (1850-1920)
  • Wang Liping — The Ethnographic State and Multivocal Nationalism: Production of Knowledge on Ethnicity in Republican China, 1912-1949
  • Wong, Gary — Two Exhibitions between Two Major Strikes: Exhibiting Hong Kong at
    British Empire Exhibition in 1924 and 1925

Completed research projects

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