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Ms Holy Hoi Ki Shum

PhD Student

8.25, 8/F., The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus

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Personal Website
Personal Website
Ms Holy Hoi Ki Shum
  • Holy was an experienced advertising copywriter and marketer who worked for several multinational companies for over 10 years. She is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at HKU. Holy’s recent research is about new technologies and their impact on the transformation of creative industry and creative labour.

    Alongside her research on cultural and creative industries, Holy is interested in popular culture, including independent music. She conducted an ethnographic study about non-mainstream music in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Taiwan at her master’s research project.

  • MSocSc (MCCC)
    The University of Hong Kong

    BA (Philosophy and Psychology)
    The University of Hong Kong

    • Cultural and creative industries

    • Creative labour

    • Technology and art

    • Social media

  • PhD research: Theorising “arts tech”: Mediations between art objects, people and policy in Hong Kong’s creative industry

  • Hsin Chong – K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund for Joint Student Projects 2020/21 (1st Round) <Project title: “From Precarity to Empowerment: Participatory and Collaborative Learning for Hong Kong Youths”>

    Outstanding Paper Award (2022-2023) presented by The Academy of Hong Kong Studies:

    Platforms, politics and precarity: Hong Kong television workers amid the new techno-nationalist media agenda. European Journal of Cultural Studies (Co-authored with Tse, T.).

  • Journal articles:

    Shum, H. (2023). Oculus power! Arts and technology’s mediation of postcolonial neoliberal nationalism in Hong Kong. Global Media and China, 0(0).

    Shum, H. H.-K. (2022). A tech takeover: Alibaba and the transforming work culture of the South China Morning Post. Social Transformations in Chinese Societies.

    Tse, T., & Shum, H. H.-K. (2022). Platforms, politics and precarity: Hong Kong television workers amid the new techno-nationalist media agendaEuropean Journal of Cultural Studies.

    McDonald, T., Shum, H. H.-K., & Wong, R. (2021). Payments in the pandemic: orchestrating and imagining cross-boundary digital money infrastructures in China during COVID-19Media International Australia, 181(1), 44–56.

    Book chapter:

    McDonald, T., Shum, H. H. K., Wong, K. C. (2022). ‘Mediated money and social relationships among Hong Kong cross-boundary students’. In Costa, E., P. G. Lange, N. Haynes, J. Sinanan (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Media Anthropology. London: Routledge. 301-313.

    McDonald, T., & Shum, H. (2024). “Smartphones, shopping and the technomobility of migrant mothers”. In X. Pei, P. Malhotra,& R. Ling (eds.), Women’s Agency and Mobile Communication Under the Radar. London: Routledge. Chapter 10.

  • SOCI8024

    2nd semester

    Digital media, moralities and cultures

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