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Prof Ioana Sendroiu

Assistant Professor

9.04, 9/F., The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus

3917 2065

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Personal Website
Personal Website
Prof Ioana Sendroiu
  • Ioana Sendroiu is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Hong Kong. She studies crisis management and resilience, and her current project focuses on how people think about the future in relation to climate change. Ioana holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto. Before joining HKU, she was Raphael Morrison Dorman Memorial Postdoctoral Fellow in the Weatherhead Scholars Program at Harvard University, as well as Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods. She has also held affiliations at NYU-Shanghai, the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), and the American Bar Foundation. Using a range of qualitative, quantitative, archival, and computational methods, her work has appeared in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Social Forces, the British Journal of Sociology, Sociological Theory, Poetics, and Social Psychology Quarterly, among others.

    • Crisis

    • Future projections

    • Resilience

    • Climate change

  • 2020 Raphael Morrison Dorman Memorial Fellowship, Harvard University USD50,000
    2019-2020 Ontario Graduate Scholarship CAD15,000
    2019 Daniel G Hill Prize for Best Graduate Paper in Sociology, CAD4000
    2018 Sonshine Graduate Scholarship in Holocaust Studies, CAD2000
    2018 Mitacs Globalink Research Award Abroad, CAD6000
    2018 Research funding, Centre for Jewish Studies CAD1400
    2018 Catherall Travel Bursary, Massey College CAD1300
    2018 Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement CAD6000
    2017 Research funding, Centre for Jewish Studies CAD1400
    2017 Catherall Travel Bursary, Massey College CAD1000
    2016 Catherall Travel Bursary, Massey College CAD1200
    2016-2019 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship CAD105,000
    2015-2016 Ontario Graduate Scholarship CAD15,000
    2015 S.D. Clark Fellowship CAD2000
    2015 Outstanding Admissions Award, Department of Sociology CAD3000
    2014 Finalist for Ontario Rhodes Scholarship
    2013 Finalist for Ontario Rhodes Scholarship
    2013 Jacob and Jenny Rosenberg Scholarship CAD3319
    2013 ASSU Graduating Student Leadership Award CAD5000
    2013 University of Toronto Fellowship CAD10,577
    2013 Dennis William Magill Award CAD200
    2013 Charles Tilly Award CAD200
    2013 William R. Gardner Student Leadership Award CAD750
    2013 Provost’s Scholar CAD200
    2013 Outstanding Admissions Award, Department of Sociology CAD1000
    2012 Buscome Award CAD4000
    2012 Rabbi Isserman Prize CAD250
    2012 Trinity College Chancellor’s Award CAD300
    2012 Dr. Stanley Ho Scholarship CAD3500
    2011 Andrea and Charles Bronfman Student Award in Israeli Studies CAD4500
    2011 Shannon L Hamm Award in Peace and Conflict Studies CAD800
    2011 Trinity College Chancellor’s Award CAD300
    2010 Max Weber Award CAD300
    2010 Trinity College Chancellor’s Award CAD300
    2009-2013 Queen Elizabeth II Reach for the Top Scholarship CAD14,000

  • Sendroiu, Ioana. 2022. “‘All the old illusions’: On Guessing at Being in Crisis.” Sociological Theory.

    Sendroiu, Ioana. 2022. “From reductive to generative crisis: Polysemous Justifications in Making Sense of COVID-19.” American Journal of Cultural Sociology.

    Sendroiu, Ioana, Ron Levi and John Hagan. 2021. “The Structure of Legality and Exclusion:  Discrimination, System Avoidance and Legal Cynicism across the European Roma Experience.” Social Forces.

    Sendroiu, Ioana, Laura Upenieks and Markus Schafer. 2021. ”The divergent mental health effects of dashed expectations and unfulfilled aspirations: Evidence from American lawyers’ careers.” Social Psychology Quarterly 84 (4).

    Upenieks, Laura, Ioana Sendroiu, Ron Levi, and John Hagan. 2021. “Beliefs about Legality and Benefits for Mental Health.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 63 (2).

    Levi, Ron, Ioana Sendroiu and John Hagan. 2020. “‘America first’ populism, social volatility, and self-reported arrests.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (43): 26703-26709.

    Sendroiu, Ioana and Laura Upenieks. 2020. “The Contextual Effect of Trust on Perceived Support: Evidence from Roma and non-Roma in East-Central Europe.” British Journal of Sociology 71 (4): 702-721.

    Sendroiu, Ioana. 2019. “Human Rights as Uncertain Performance During the Arab Spring.” Poetics 73: 32-44.

    Nelson, Robert, Ioana Sendroiu, Ronit Dinovitzer and Meghan Dawe. 2019. “Perceiving Discrimination: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in the Legal Workplace.” Law & Social Inquiry 44(4): 1051-82.

    Levi, Ron and Ioana Sendroiu. 2019. “Moral Claims and Redress after Atrocity: Economies of Worth across Political Cultures in the Holocaust Swiss Banks Litigation.” Poetics 73: 45-60.

    Sendroiu, Ioana and Andreea Mogosanu. 2019. “Does being Roma matter? Ethnic Boundaries and Stigma Spillover in Musical Consumption.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 42 (12): 2047-64.

  • SOCI1004-B

    2nd semester

    Introduction to sociology: the world’s on fire (and other problems) (B)


    2nd semester

    Introduction to sociology: the world’s on fire (and other problems) (A)

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