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Prof Sinn Won Han

Assistant Professor

9.21, 9/F., The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus

3917 7437

Personal Website
Personal Website
Prof Sinn Won Han
  • Sinn Won Han is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Hong Kong. Before joining HKU, Sinn Won was a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy. Sinn Won received his doctoral degree from the Department of Sociology at Harvard University. Sinn Won is a demographer who studies patterns, causes, and consequences of the low fertility in developed societies. Under this overarching topic, his current research explores three themes: (1) Whether and how does the radius of trust matter for fertility intentions and behaviors? (2) Is the “left-right political fertility gap” indeed the case in advanced industrial democracies, as some politicians and commentators are putting it? (3) Do sustained low fertility and population aging retard economic growth? If so, does the decline in “economic dynamism” (e.g., declining technological innovations and entrepreneurship) mediates the two phenomena?

  • PhD, Sociology, Harvard University

    AM, Sociology, Harvard University

    BA, Sociology, Korea University

    • Social demography

    • Political demography

    • Norms and trust

    • Labor markets and public policies

    • Quantitative methodologies

    • Cross-national comparative research

  • An Empirical Investigation of the Left-Right Political Fertility Gap

    Postindustrial Configurations of Gender-Role Attitudes and Family Values

    Reconceptualizing Individualism: Paradox of Cooperation and Inequality (with Minjae Kim)

    Variation in Work Hours and Returns to Work Hours in Comparative Perspective (with Kelly Musick)

  • 2020  Reischauer Institute Research Grant (Harvard University)

    2020  Derek Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching (Harvard University)

    2018  Weatherhead Graduate Research Award (Harvard University)

    2015-2017  Fulbright Graduate Study Scholarship

  • Han, Sinn Won, Ohjae Gowen, and Mary C. Brinton. “When Mothers Do It All: Gender-Role Norms, Women’s Employment, and Fertility Intentions in Postindustrial Societies.” Accepted at European Sociological Review.

    Han, Sinn Won. Forthcoming. “When Kids Are a Burden: Understanding the Normative Sources of Negative Perceptions of Parenthood.” Population and Development Review. (

    Han, Sinn Won. 2022. “Is It Only a Numbers Game? A Macro-Level Study of Educational Hypogamy.” Demography 59(4): 1571-1593. (

    Han, Sinn Won, and Mary C. Brinton. 2022. “Theories of Postindustrial Fertility Decline: An Empirical Examination.” Population and Development Review 48(2): 303-330. (

  • SOCI2021

    1st semester

    Marriage and the family


    1st semester

    Capstone project in media and cultural studies


    1st semester

    Capstone project in criminology


    1st semester

    Capstone project in sociology


    1st semester

    Introduction to sociology

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