Dr Travis S K Kong

Associate Professor

+852 3917 2055

9.17, 9/F., The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus


(1)       Research and scholarship

My key research questions address who human beings are and how we are to live with a diversity of sexualities and genders in a rapidly changing world. Using people with non-normative (often stigmatized) identities and behaviours as examples, I examine how their lives are affected under specific historical and social circumstances with the ultimate aim of promoting their well-being and enhancing social inclusion. I have created a new path to understanding the complex interplay between socio-historical changes and individual lives, challenging Western-centric knowledge while building a transnational, cross-generational dialogue. My work has broad implications for identity, gender, sexuality, intimacy, family, community and health in today’s globalized world.

My research can be characterized as: (1) pioneering, in breaking cultural taboos, accessing hidden populations and foregrounding subject matter marginalized in the discipline of sociology; (2) methodologically significant, in combining qualitative empirical data with critical analysis to articulate the nuances of lived experiences to complement quantitative sociology’s overview of social patterns; (3) interdisciplinary, in seeking dialogue between mainstream sociology and other disciplines (e.g. cultural studies, criminology, medicine, public health) to understand human sexualities; and (4) impactful, in being action-oriented with strong community impact and significant policy implications for well-being and public health.

(1) Sociology of homosexuality: Building on my first book (Kong 2011a), I have drawn on and fully developed the notion of “generational sexualities” by examining older gay men in Hong Kong, work that serves as a model for studying ageing sexualities in Hong Kong and beyond (Kong 2012a, 2014b, 2019a) and enables cross-generational dialogue (Kong 2021a). I proposed a new theoretical approach, “transnational queer sociology” (Kong 2019c, 2020b), which allows transnational comparative cultural analysis of sexuality. My Duke book (Kong 2023b) combines these two strands in examining 90 life stories of young gay men in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

(2) Sociology of prostitution/sex work: Building on my earlier work on female (Kong and Zi Teng 2003; Kong 2006e) and male sex workers in Hong Kong (Kong 2005c, 2009a), I have pioneered sociological research on male sex workers (or “money boys”) in mainland China (Kong 2008, 2010a, 2011c, 2012c, 2012d, 2014a, 2017) and Hong Kong men who buy sex (Kong 2015b, 2015c, 2016a). I offer sociological insights that go beyond the public health paradigm by situating my research subjects in a broader social context, with policy implications for migration, public health and well-being.

(3) Sociology of praxis: I was the first sociologist in Hong Kong to transform an academic study of older gay men (Kong 2012a, 2014b, 2019a) into action research with strong societal impact (Kong 2018b): I founded Grey & Pride (2014-), the only NGO looking after the well-being of older LGBTQ citizens; my book (Kong 2014b) inspired the multi-award-winning movie Suk Suk (dir Ray Yeung 2019); and my work has put the concerns and rights of older LGBTQ onto the public agenda.

Editorship and editorial board membership

  1. Co-editor-in-chief (together with Feona Attwood and Roisin Ryan-Flood), Sexualities: Studies of Culture and Society (London: SAGE) 2012-present; international advisory editorial board member, 2009-2012.
    Established in 1998, Sexualities is the world’s leading journal on human sexualities using multidisciplinary, theory-driven, and research-based qualitative approaches within a global framework. It presents cutting-edge debates on both the empirical nature of contemporary sexualities and theoretical/critical analysis of them. My unique contribution is to promote research publications and dialogues that go beyond the UK-North America-Australasia intellectual region.
  2. International Editorial Advisory Board Member, Families, Relationships, Societies, 2019-present
  3. International Advisory Board Member, Sociology, 2016-2021
  4. International Editorial Board Member, Journal of Sociology, 2014-2017
  5. Editorial Board Member, Journal of Homosexuality, 2014-present
  6. International Advisory Board Member, darkmatters, 2009-present

(2)       Teaching and Learning

My teaching philosophy is to be passionate about my teaching subjects and engage with students. Learning is for understanding, not for reproduction. Making use of my training in sociology and my research expertise in gender and sexuality, I emphasize a learner-centered approach that is interactive and multi-media based with a special focus on everyday life experiences in order to nurture critical thinking, appreciation of difference, integration of theory with practice, and creativity. As a recipient of the 2013 Social Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award, I continue to play a leadership role in curriculum development and reform as well as promoting teaching excellence, innovations and experiential learning.

(3)       Knowledge Exchange

I am committed to KE and social impact. I have served on NGOs and government bodies. My most recognised achievement in this area is my scholarly work on older gay men, which has had four major social impacts: (1) educating the LGBT+ community and general public; (2) empowering older LGBT+; (3) educating social service providers on the specific needs of older LGBT+; and (4) helping the government and private sector formulate non-discrimination initiatives/policies.

Courses taught


University of Essex (UK)

Research interests

Gender and sexuality studies
Cultural and media studies
Contemporary social theory
Qualitative research methods

Current research

  1. Kong, Travis S.K. PI, “Out to the Family: Changing Family Dynamics in Hong Kong after Gay Men’s Sexual Orientation Disclosure,” General Research Fund (2021-2024).
  2. Kong, Travis S.K. Co-PI, “Pathways to Harm Reduction Drug Policy in Hong Kong and East & Southeast Asia: Principles, Process and Practices,” Research Impact Fund, PI: Karen Joe-Laidler (2022-2025).
  3. Kong, Travis S.K. Co-I. “An Intersectional Lens on Drug use and Stigma among Hard-to-Reach Populations in Hong Kong,” General Research Fund, PI: Prof. Karen Laidler (2022-2024).
  4. Kong, Travis S.K. PI. “A Study on Development and Utilisation of an Electronic Sex Diary to Measure HIV Behavioural Risk in Hong Kong,” Department of Health, HKSAR (2023-2025).

Honours and recognitions

LGBT+ Advocacy award, Community Business (2020): Recognition of my leadership role in LGBTQ community in Hong Kong

Social Sciences Knowledge Exchange Award, HKU (2015): Recognition of my knowledge exchange project on older gay men in Hong Kong

Prism Award, Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (2014): Recognition of my long term service to and research on LGBTQ community in Hong Kong

HKU-Kings Fellowship, HKU (2013-2014): To explore research and teaching possibilities between the two institutions, resulting in a public talk and a photo exhibition in London in 2014.

Social Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award, HKU (2013): Recognition of my engaging, interactive and creative teaching methods and innovation with consistent high evaluation scores and positive students’ feedbacks.

Selected publications

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