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Quantitative research methods



15:30 - 17:20


1st semester

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  • This course provides an overview of quantitative research methods in the social sciences. It covers both fundamental theories and practical techniques, ranging from research design and hypothesis formulation to data collection (e.g., survey; experiments), quantitative data analysis (e.g., descriptive statistics; comparison of means; regressions), and research writing.

    This course will be interactive and collaborative. In each class, students will be encouraged to ask/answer questions and to facilitate discussions with peers and the instructor. The course also offers hands-on training to conduct an original research project including questionnaire surveys and statistical analysis.

    1. Describe the concepts and process of quantitative research methods used in the social sciences.

    2. Formulate research questions and relevant hypotheses.
      Identify and utilise proper methods to collect and analyse quantitative data.
      Write a research paper/report with analysis results and implications.
      Evaluate prior studies and relevant policy/practice in a constructive manner.

  • Tasks


    Class participation and contribution


    Questionnaire survey project


    Final project


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Assistant Professor

Prof Satoshi Araki
Course co-ordinator and teachers
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