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White collar and corporate crime


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  • This course examines the topic of white-collar and corporate crime. Classic theoretical works will be considered as well as more contemporary writings. To illustrate these points we will explore important international case studies that shed light on how and why these offenses occur. We will begin with a general introduction to the field, including definitions, conceptual, and theoretical issues from the social sciences, law, and criminology regarding what has become known as white-collar, occupational, organizational, and corporate crime. Following this, we will discuss various forms of white-collar crime including: consumer crime, environmental crime, governmental crime, official corruption, computer crime, health care fraud, and financial fraud. The course will guide students in studying important questions, to critically think about issues, to research the topics discussed, and to become familiar with the literature on white-collar and corporate crime, through assigned readings, presentations, class discussion, a writing assignment and an in-class exam.

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