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Dr Yujing Fun

Part-time Lecturer

HKU Scholars Hub
Personal Website
Personal Website
Dr Yujing Fun
  • Dr. Fun’s main field of specialty is in the dynamics of power, with a particular focus on crime and deviance in societies, institutions and systems. This work tends to culminate into insights and perspectives on white-collar crime and abuses of power at various scales of social relations and structures. His passion for teaching is matched by his work in social justice, sociological theory, and comparative studies.


    Dr. Fun’s contributions to the field include his book “Cloaking White-Collar Crime in Hong Kong’s Property Sector,” and publications that address critical issues such as medical corruption and government crime in China.


    His research experience extends to projects on simulated societies, elderly ex-offender care, and youth gangs, demonstrating his diverse interests and ability to address complex social issues. Dr. Fun has taught courses in advanced criminological theory and social problems in China at various higher educational institutions in Hong Kong.

  • PhD Sociology and Criminology

    The University of Hong Kong

    MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Northeastern University

    BA Sociology

    Queen’s University

    • Sociology of Power and Knowledge

    • White-Collar and Corporate Crime

    • Social Problems

    • Comparative Sociology

    • Sociological Theory

    • Criminological Theory

    • Critical Theory

  • Christian Theology, Capitalism and Conquest; or, Manifest Destiny Goes Global

  • Best Presentation Award

    How to Hide an Elephant in a Room: Property Developers, Laissez Faire and the Disappearance of White-Collar Crime Discourse. HKU Postgraduate Student Conference, Hong Kong, February 2012

  • Fun, Y., & Yao, Z. (2018). A State of Contradiction: Medical Corruption and Strain in Beijing Public Hospitals. In B. Bakken (Ed.), Crime and The Chinese Dream. HKU Press: Hong Kong.

    Ghazi–Tehrani, A. K., Williams, L. K., Fun, Y., & Pontell, H. N. (2017). State Legitimacy and Government Crime: The China–Japan Rare Earth Element Case. Critical Issues in Justice and Politics, 10.

    Fun, Y. (2015). Cloaking White-Collar Crime in Hong Kong’s Property Sector. Palgrave Macmillan: London, UK.

    Chui, W. H., Fun, Y., & Yap, J. (2015). Elderly Ex-Offender Care Report. Society for Community Organization: Hong Kong.

  • SOCI7001

    1st semester

    Criminal justice: Process and politics

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