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New perspectives on writing about art and culture in Asia

8 November 2023

How can we write about art in Asia in a way that clarifies, rather than complicates, narratives?

Mr Paul Fermin, Co-founder and Editor of Asia Art Archive’s new online publishing platform Like A Fever kindly joined our Media, Culture and Creative Cities Speaker Series to share their approach—defined as being ‘moody, obsessive and oriented towards a cure’.

Mr Fermin, a HKU Sociology alumni, discussed the importance of being able to speak in different registers, the shift from ‘knowledge production’ to ‘knowledge seduction’, and the need to pay attention to how ‘big theories’ interact with the individual.

The MCCC Speaker Series consists of high-level seminars where we invite leading industry figures and academic speakers to HKU Sociology to share their insights into the role that media, culture and creativity plays in shaping society.

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