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Launch of New Online Course – Introduction to Research Methods

9 November 2023

We are delighted to let you know the launch of a new online research methods course – Introduction to Research Methods, developed and taught by Professor Tarani Chandola, Director of the Faculty’s Methods Hub and Head of the Department of Sociology.

This introductory online research methods course prepares students from diverse academic backgrounds to develop their research skills, to conduct research using different methodologies, and to communicate their research to a wide range of audiences. The introductory research modules will enable incoming undergraduate students from any discipline across all faculties at the HKU to develop the skills to critically appraise research studies using methodologies from different disciplines, conduct some quantitative and qualitative data analyses, and communicate their analyses meaningfully. Following the online courses, there will be a set of training focusing on the quantitative methods, accompanied by step-by-step practical exercise.

No prior knowledge about statistical modelling is needed for this course. Students at all levels are welcome to enroll in this online course.


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