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Tencent share the role of social research with HKU Sociology students

13 November 2023

What role does #research play in fostering #mobile #payments?

Mr Wayne Chen from Tencent’s Weixin Pay joined our Media, Culture and Creative Cities Speaker Series to share his rich experience in using research to understand user preferences and drive behavioural change.

Wayne shared how his team don’t solely rely on in-platform user data when developing new solutions. They also combine this with different forms of ‘on the ground’ research methods, such as interviewing merchants and observing payment interactions in fast food restaurants and taxis, which helps to reach a deeper understanding of user experiences and pain points.

Wayne’s key takeaways:

🚀 Even when faced with a difficult situation, don’t ignore the value of data

🚀 Thinking ‘outside the box’ and breaking the rules may yield better results

🚀 There are no shortcuts in digitisation, as it will reveal information that your eyes cannot see

🚀 Take even the smallest opportunity seriously

Wayne also shared valuable advice for students with a sociology background who are considering pursuing careers in the tech industry.

The Media, Culture and Creative Cities Speaker Series consists of high-level seminars where we invite leading industry figures and academic speakers to HKU Sociology to share their insights into the role that media, culture and creativity plays in shaping society.


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