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Prof Sida Liu published two articles in Major Sociology Journals

13 June 2024

Liu, Sida, and Sitao Li. 2024. "Rights in China: Myths, Abuses, and Politics." Annual Review of Sociology 50,


In this article, Sida and his coauthor Sitao Li review the literature and present a sociological perspective on understanding rights in China, examining the interplay between multiple myths of rights, rights abuses, and the politics of rights within various social and physical spaces.



Liu, Sida, and Gihad Nasr. 2024. “On Drifting Apart: Temporality and Space in the Dissolution of Relationships.” Symbolic Interaction,


This article develops a conceptual framework that explains the complex and dynamic social process of relationship dissolution. Following the traditions of interactionist and processual sociology, Sida and his coauthor Gihad Nasr analyse the relational, temporal, and spatial aspects of relationship dissolution, ranging from interpersonal relationships to large-scale conflicts and social transformations.

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