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Guest speaker Professor Chow Yiu Fai shares secrets to research success

3 October 2023

We were truly honoured to be joined by award-wining lyricist and creative practices researcher, Professor Chow Yiu Fai (HKBU), for the second seminar in our Media, Culture and Creative Cities Speaker Series.

Prof Chow delivered an inspirational sharing, in which he shared the ‘guiding principle’ behind his research success — which was to make sure his research practice always remained ‘grounded’:

  • Grounded in his field.

  • Grounded in his personality.

  • Grounded in his circumstances.

  • Grounded in power/politics and pleasure.

Prof Chow’s advice acts an important reminder to remain true to ourselves when conducting social research. If we are to reach a better understanding of the people we study, this may involve being a little less ‘scientific’ and a little more ‘humanistic’. He also reminds us that research, although sometimes hard work, should also be fun!

The MCCC Speaker Series consists of high-level seminars where we invite leading industry figures and academic speakers to HKU Sociology to share their insights into the role that media, culture and creativity plays in shaping society.

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