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Ms Katie Lowe

PhD Student



Originally from England, Katie is a qualified criminal barrister in the UK with 10 years’ experience in legal search. She has been mandated by international law firms and legal journals to conduct research. She has worked in London, Russia, Dubai, Korea, and China and has lived in Hong Kong for the last decade.  She is currently reading a PhD in sociology at the University of Hong Kong and is aligned with the HKU centre for Criminology.

Katie’s research specializes in drug use and drug markets in Hong Kong and wider Asia. She has presented her work at Asian and International conferences.  Her thesis focuses on the cocaine market and the hidden population of expatriate’s users in Hong Kong.  In addition, she is interested in the concept of social supply in relation to the Hong Kong drugs market. Apart from her research in the drugs market, she is currently researching the sport of White Collar Boxing and female fighters and exploring notions of gender, risk and stigmatization. Katie was an avid martial artist and was the first female to fight in Hong Kong White Collar Boxing and first female in Asia to hold a title belt in White Collar Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). After injury she has now ‘hung up her gloves’ and enjoys the quieter pursuits of yoga and travel.

Katie is a long standing volunteer and sits on the board of directors at the Samaritans (24 our multi- lingual suicide prevention service). She is also a SMART Addiction Recovery facilitator and holds local, weekly, addiction meetings.


Course Taught

Crime and Media SOCI2067


Bar Vocational Course
College of Law (London, UK)

Graduate Diploma in Law
College of Law (York, UK)

BA Sociology
Northumbria University (Newcastle, UK)

Research interests


Current research

Cocaine use amongst expatiates in Hong Kong

Social supply in the Hong Kong drug market

Edgework, gender and social capital in the context of white collar boxing

Honours and recognitions

Open Society Foundation Asian Scholarship for the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (2018)