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Ms Wanying Ling

PhD Student

HKU Scholars Hub
Personal Website
Personal Website
Ms Wanying Ling
  • Wanying Ling (凌宛莹) is a full-time PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Hong Kong.

    Her research interests intersect at the nexus of work and health, aging and the life course and gender inequality, employing formal demography and experiments tools. This focus has led me to explore several key areas: how work characteristics (such as quantity and quality) can either mitigate or exacerbate health inequalities among populations; the levels and trends in gender gaps in working life expectancy across various institutional settings; the impact of early work experiences on health later in life; and finally, the effect of caring needs on the working lives and well-being of intra-household members.

  • 2023       M.Phil. in Demography  Renmin University of China

    2020       B.Sc. in Statistics (Minor in Sociology)      Minzu University of China

    • Health inequalities

    • Social Determinants of Health

    • Work and Health

    • Aging and the Life Course

  • Her recent research topics include: working life expectancy; decomposition methods for working life expectancies; qualitative comparative analysis and necessity comparative analysis.

    More details on recent research interests and projects are available on her personal website.

  • 2020 Outstanding Graduate Beijing Municipal Education Commission

  • Wanying Ling, Senhu Wang, Zhuofei Lu. Forthcoming.“Working Time Mismatch and Employee Subjective Well-being Across Institutional Contexts: A JobQuality Perspective”. Work, Employment and Society.

    Wanying Ling, Senhu Wang, Shuanglong Li. 2024. “Diversity Patterns in Non-Standard Employment and Their Relationship with Self-Rated Health in Urban China from 2010 to 2021.” Social Science & Medicine. 348:116827.

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