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Dr Steve W L Cheung

Part-time Lecturer, Teaching Assistant

9.10, 9/F., The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus

Dr Steve W L Cheung
  • I completed my PhD study on the topic of religious giving in 2019. In my thesis, I explored how the interplay between church organization, individual believers and (their interpretation of) God constructs and reproduces the practices and meaning of Christian giving.

    Beyond doing research, I am primarily devoted to teaching and tutoring. Over the past couple of years, I have mainly engaged in courses related to the subjects of religion, anthropology and theory.

  • PhD
    The University of Hong Kong

    MPhil Sociology
    The University of Hong Kong

    Bachelor of Social Sciences
    The University of Hong Kong

    • Religion and tradition

    • Cultural heritage

  • Cheung, Steve W.L.; Kuah, Khun E. 2019. Being Christian through external giving. Religions, 10(9), 529.

    Kuah-Pearce, K.E., Cheung, S.W.L. & Tse, S.C.N. 2012. Cultural heritage in Asia series. Vol. 3, Lifestyle heritage of Tai O. Hong Kong: Teaching and Learning Committee, University of Hong Kong. (

  • CCHU9013

    1st semester

    Cultural heritage in the contemporary world


    1st semester

    Tourism, culture and society

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