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Critical issues of media, culture and creative cities



19:00 – 21:50


2nd semester

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  • This course examines the various critical issues associated with media, culture and creative cities. What are some of these pressing problems and how do we assess as well as understand them in the contexts of our everyday lives? Through the series of lectures and discussions, we will seek to address such a question by examining the local, regional and global concerns that are especially seen in today’s media-driven world. The primary aim of this course is for students to engage with different fields of knowledge, such as those associated with identities, globalization, gender, race and ethnicity and work etc., that are found to be increasingly relevant in understanding the current state of the modern society. Key theoretical approaches that underscore and contextualise students’ understandings of these issues will also be introduced and applied as well. Such perspectives will be critiqued and debated upon with reference to empirical case studies that coincide with today’s current events and affairs.

    • Identify and understand critical issues connected to media, culture and creative cities

    • Integrate and apply different theoretical perspectives to course issues

    • Engage in current academic debates and evaluate comparisons found in local, regional and global discourses associated with media, culture and creative cities

    • Work and co-operate in groups to carry out a research project which showcase analytical as well as critical thinking skills

  • Tasks


    Attendance and participation


    Mid-term essay


    Research project— group presentation


    Research project—final report


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Part-time Lecturer, Demonstrator

Dr Ling Tung Tsang
Course co-ordinator and teachers
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