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Dr Ling Tung Tsang

Part-time Lecturer, Demonstrator

9.10, 9/F., The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus

3917 2054

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Personal Website
Personal Website
Dr Ling Tung Tsang
  • I obtained my PhD in Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). My PhD research investigates Chinese sportsmen’s identities and their processes of identification, further intersecting with the contexts of masculinity and race in their everyday lives. Based on in-depth interviews with and observations of Chinese male provincial badminton sportsmen located in North, Central and South China, the project has drawn on findings to argue that Chinese male athletes’ identities, perhaps even applicable to Chinese people in China at-large, are not merely constructed in accordance with discourses associated with collective Chinese cultural doctrines, but also predicated on individualized values that align with post-structural and late-modern thinking.

    Before joining HKU Sociology, I taught courses relevant to media and culture at HKU Space International College, and had been a guest lecturer in the Faculty of Social Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I was also a Visiting Fellow in Sociology at Harvard University, and presented my research at conferences as well as workshops in United Kingdom and New Zealand.

    Aspiring to be a cultural sociologist, I am going to focus on developing my research interests not only in East Asia, but also sites in other parts of the world especially connected to East Asian diaspora.

  • PhD
    London School of Economics and Political Science

    MSocSc (Media, Culture and Creative Cities)
    The University of Hong Kong

    The University of Hong Kong

    • Identity

    • Collectivism and individualization

    • Diaspora

    • Race and ethnicity

    • Gender

    • Sociology of sport

  • Journal articles:

    Tsang, L.T., Li X., & Tse, T. [equal authorship]. (2024). Pluralising China as Method: Between exceptionalism and universialism. Global Media and China, 9(1), 3–10. [ISSN: 2059-4372]

    Li, X., Tsang, L.T., & Tse, T. [equal authorship] (2023).  Pluralising China-as-method: Decolonising Cultural Mediations in the Global South. Global Media and China, 8(4), 443–441. [ISSN: 2059-4372]

    Tsang, L.T. (2023). Multiplicity, diversity and individualization behind shuttlecock play: Chinese sportsmen’s masculinities in today’s China. Global Media and China, 8(4), 462–479. [ISSN: 2059-4372]

    Shin, V., Tsang, L.T., & Tse, T. (2020). Bridging Structural and Micro-level Factors in Cultural Labor Studies: A Multilevel Analysis of Performing Arts Administration Professionals in Hong Kong. Social Transformations in Chinese Societies, 16(1), 15–37. [ISSN: 1871-2673]

    Tse, T., Shin, V., & Tsang, L.T. (2020). From Shanzhai chic to Gangnam style: Seven practices of cultural-economic mediation in China and Korea. Journal of Cultural Economy, 13(5), 511–530. [ISSN: 1753-0350]

    Tse, T., & Tsang, L.T. (2018). Reconceptualising prosumption beyond the ‘cultural turn’: Passive fashion prosumption in Korea and China. Journal of Consumer Culture, 21(4), 703–723. [ISSN: 1469-5405

    Book chapters:

    Tse, T., & Tsang, L.T. (2020). Reconceptualising prosumption beyond the ‘cultural turn’: Passive fashion prosumption in Korea and China (reprinted). In M. Barnard (Eds.), Fashion Theory: A Reader (2nd edition) (pp. 517–531). Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge.

    Tse, T., & Tsang, L.T. (2017). From Clicks-and-Bricks to Online-to-Offline: The Evolving E-tail/Retail Space as Immersive Media in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In A. Petermans and A. Kent (Eds.), Retail Design: Theoretical Perspectives (pp. 87­–113). Oxon: Routledge.

  • SOCI7008

    2nd semester

    Critical issues of media, culture and creative cities


    Full-year course

    Capstone Project in Media, Culture and Creative Cities

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