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Latest News

Prof Sida Liu published two articles in Major Sociology Journals

13 Jun 2024

Congratulations to Xinqu Zhang, our PhD candidate, whose PhD study was recognized by the 8th World Conference on Research Integrity

13 Jun 2024

Prof. Sendroiu has been elected as Council Member for the ASA Theory Section.

27 May 2024

Prof Satoshi Araki publishes an article on educational inequality in Higher Education.

9 May 2024

Prof Ioana Sendroiu publishes an article in Socio-Economic Review.

15 Apr 2024

Congratulations to Holy Shum, our PhD candidate, and Prof. Tommy Tse for their exemplary paper, which has been recognised by The Academy of Hong Kong Studies as one of the outstanding papers for 2022-23.

11 Mar 2024

Prof Satoshi Araki publishes an article on flexible work and worker well-being in Socio-Economic Review.

6 Mar 2024

Fostering a collaborative research atmosphere at the MCCC Capstone Project Presentation Day 2024

2 Mar 2024

The Department of Sociology is honoured to witness the inauguration of the Hong Kong International Academy Against Corruption (the Academy) and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Academy

29 Feb 2024

A paper Professor Tian Xiaoli co-authored with a PHD student of our department, Zhang Sai, is awarded the Outstanding Paper Award (for the year 2022-23) by The Academy of Hong Kong Studies (AHKS) .

26 Feb 2024

Prof Satoshi Araki secures a competitive grant from the Resona Foundation for Asia and Oceania.

31 Jan 2024

Dr. Johanna von Pezold has been awarded the Best Thesis Award 2023 by the Hong Kong Sociological Association.

6 Dec 2023

Pathways to Harm Reduction Drug Policy in Hong Kong and East & Southeast Asia: Principles, Process and Practices Annual Training 2023

28 Nov 2023

Dr Ioana’s latest paper has been published in European Journal of Sociology

23 Nov 2023

Tencent share the role of social research with HKU Sociology students

13 Nov 2023

Launch of New Online Course – Introduction to Research Methods

9 Nov 2023

New perspectives on writing about art and culture in Asia

8 Nov 2023

Mr. PAN Fan, recent alumnus of MSocSc(Crim), has been selected for the 2023 Shanhe Jiang Outstanding Student Paper Award with his dissertation paper.

2 Nov 2023

Reflecting on HKU Sociology at 50

16 Oct 2017

Guest speaker Professor Chow Yiu Fai shares secrets to research success

3 Oct 2023

Filmmaker Mr Ray Yeung delivers inaugural Media, Culture and Creative Cities Speaker Series seminar

26 Sept 2023

Professor Chandola was a co-editor of the Handbook of Life Course Occupational Health published by Springer

11 Sept 2023

Dr Araki publishes an article on happiness and unhappiness.

11 Sept 2023

The race for data: Collecting data with Running Man Athletic Club

6 Sept 2023

Dr Ioana Sendroiu’s paper “‘All the Old Illusions’: On Guessing at Being in Crisis,” has been selected as an Honorable Mention for the 2023 Junior Theorist Award.

15 Jun 2023

Dr Araki received the Best Paper Award from the Japan Society of Educational Sociology (JSES)

25 Sept 2022

Cantonese opera takes to social media

17 Jun 2022

Johanna von Pezold receives Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile 2021 Research Grant

5 Dec 2021

Mr. Li Xiaotian publishes article on gender gap in software engineering in Journal of Gender Studies

2 Dec 2021

Dr Sylvia Martin has been researching the connections – Hollywood’s Cosy Ties with the US Military

18 May 2021

HKU Sociology hosting the HKU Anthropology Research Network

28 Apr 2021

Mastering the art of research through craft beer

25 Jan 2021

Dr Tian Xiaoli publishes article on WeChat in the workplace in Social Forum journal

22 Jan 2021

Dr Tom McDonald awarded Faculty Outstanding Research Output Prize

19 Jan 2021

Dr Tian Xiaoli teaches new course on social spaces

15 Jan 2021

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